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Moon, Mars and beyond

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A few weeks ago I watched Tom Hanks' IMAX documentary "Magnificent Desolation: Walking on the Moon 3D" at the Melbourne Museum theater. It is very good, even though it had to work around the fact that the original footage (as in, footage taken by astronauts) was, obviously, not made for IMAX and would look terrible if blown up to fill a 20-meter-tall screen. Some scenes were "reenactments", using the whole screen and 3D effects, while in others they framed the original footage so that it was shown in a more reasonable size. It's one of those movies that make you walk out of the room feeling "inspired".

Now I already know what is the next one I want to see: "Roving Mars", a Disney production about the two Mars rovers, Opportunity and Spirit, that have been moving around the planet for the last two years. It comes out in the US today, but there seems to be no release date for Australia yet. Oh, well. Let's sit and wait.

On the subject of "beyond", it looks like there is now a modified theory of gravity which incorporates quantum effects and that explains the Pioneer anomaly and does away with the need for dark matter to explain other phenomena. It still needs lots of work, though, so that it is able to explain other things already covered by the accepted theories. Exciting stuff, anyway.

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